Who Is Evolve?

“I am passionate about helping clients realise their true potential.  We are all uniquely individual, each with our own personal story. I create a bespoke journey for each client. A journey of full of self discovery, confidence and empowerment.”


EVOLVE by Samara Personal Styling and Image Consultancy is an award winning styling and image consultancy business offering individual, corporate and online services as well as exclusive events and inspiring workshops.

Established in 2017 and EVOLVE has quickly gained a reputation for excellence, delivering life changing results to both male and female clients across the UK and Ireland and as far as field as the United Emirates.

Director Samara Prentice is at the helm of the brand and has a very clear vision for her clients and for the future of EVOLVE. The dynamic mother of 4, brings an infectious enthusiasm, world class knowledge and a vibrant approach to every session and leaves her each clients with the confidence to show up as the best version of themselves, even when there is no occasion.

”In a world where we are constantly evolving, we don’t have the time or expertise to express ourselves fully. We have just 7 seconds to make a strong and lasting first impression so it is essential to develop a positive self image worth remembering. Here at EVOLVE our clients are at the very heart of the business and we are dedicated to delivering an exclusive and highly confidential service with a promise of rebuilding confidence levels, raising both personal and professional visibility and providing clients with the tools to realise their true potential”.


Are you ready to become the fullest expression of yourself? It’s time to EVOLVE.