Let me introduce myself

Personal style is not an end destination but a constant and enjoyable process of confidence evolution.​

Hi, I am Samara Prentice, an expert stylist and personal branding image consultant. I established Evolve in 2017 and quickly gained a reputation for excellence. I have delivered life-changing transformative results to clients across the UK, Ireland and as far afield as Germany and the United Emirates. I work exclusively with clients who recognise the value of investing in their personal presentation.

I mentor clients to build their self-confidence and raise their professional and personal visibility. My focussed expert advice and style recommendations are delivered to mentor, educate and build confidence in a supportive and non-judgemental environment.

Balancing your body

I am an educator and mentor who identifies and appreciates each client’s personal assets.​

Evolve by Samara

I have developed a sophisticated, client-centred approach by combining my elite training and expertise in image consultancy, personal styling, and personal branding. My unique method aligns a person’s inner self, so it’s accurately reflected in their outward appearance.

More than a stylist, my holistic methodology means I am an educator and mentor who identifies and appreciates each client’s personal assets. Through mindful exploration of personality and conscious personal styling, I identify and highlight individual strengths and draw them out through complete command of self-presentation.

I have such confidence in the effectiveness of my approach that I apply the same formula and philosophy to my personal presentation. My training and experience has allowed me to curate an inspirational, vibrant but functional wardrobe that perfectly reflects my personality and lifestyle.

“As a creative individual with demanding standards of personal excellence, I curate a luxury style evolution for my clients.”

It goes beyond clothes

How you look and feel should be in alignment

My mission is to free people from self-limiting beliefs and break the boundaries of style constraints dictated by age, body shape or social circumstances.

I create a consultancy space that is free from judgement. I am focused, honest and totally supportive throughout my client’s style evolution.

Clothes express a person’s life story to the world. I take pride in educating and facilitating my clients to become the confident author of their personal style narratives.

Driven by empathy, integrity, infectious enthusiasm and world-class knowledge, I am passionate about leading my clients on an educating journey of self-discovery and individuality.

“My goal is to empower everyone with the confidence to show up as the best version of themselves, whatever the occasion.”

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