Colour Profiling

Colour is powerful

When colour is used correctly it becomes your secret weapon

Despite the colourful world we live in, many people fear stepping beyond the confines of their monochrome wardrobe. They don’t have the confidence to effectively put colours together in clever combinations to express who they really are. As a result, they cannot harness the power of colour and use it to their professional and personal advantage. That’s why so many people retreat to dull blacks and greys to blend in and ultimately become invisible. But with expert insight into the psychology of colour, its power can be harnessed to send out powerful messages about your personality.

Showcase your personality

I can see your power colour – do you want to unleash it?


Colour is full of emotion – get ready for the journey.  It’s a great place to start. Imagine 11 colours in the colour spectrum but thousands of shades and so many of them belong to you. Getting the shade right is the game-changer.

Colour is also a great way to showcase your personality to the world. If your personality was a colour, what would it be?  There is so much psychology behind the colours we wear.  The colours we wear impact what we see in the mirror as well as how others perceive us.

Inspiration for colour combinations to enhance every area of your life and every inch of your wardrobe. I’ll educate you on colour trends for the season ahead. 

Your colour profile really is your secret weapon.  Because of my client-centred approach, I see my clients grow in confidence, become more visible in every area of their lives, look and feel incredible. 

“The power of colour is phenomenal It impacts our confidence, visibility, behaviour, emotions, mood & and how to create balance in your body.” 

A colour transformation

Step into a whole new dimension and claim who you really are.

During a colour profiling session, you will learn how to create exciting combinations exclusively chosen for them, understand their anchor colours and how to use them, identify core investment colours with key colours for maximum impact.  Meet their most complimentary neutrals and metallics, usually for the first time.   A professional colour profiling session allows you to step into a whole new dimension and claim who you really are.

After our colour profiling session, you will feel; excited to shop again, rejuvenated and empowered. You will be inspired to create new and exciting colour combinations and be educated on colour psychology.  Because you will understand your colours better you will be confident to put together colour combinations you wouldn’t have previously considered.  

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