How to wear neutrals

The burning questions on everyone’s lips come Spring.

How can I wear neutral colours, they look so glamorous on other women but feel like they drain me. I meet so many women every single week who adore neutral tones but struggle to wear them successfully. Here’s the lowdown on how to select a neutral that will compliment you.

Let’s talk facts…

  • You won’t find neutral colours on the colour wheel.  The reason for this is that neutrals typically like pigment.
  • Neutral colours include shades of black, shades of white, shades of ivory and cream, shades of grey, blush pink and more recently, metallics.
  • If you have a striking look; with pale skin and lots of depth in your hair, it’s likely that you can choose black, white and blush pinks.
  • If your skin tone tends to be more sallow, your best neutrals will include shades of cream, warmer tones of grey and gold metallics.

Here are some of the top tips I have been sharing recently with clients…

  • Using different tones of the shades will instantly elevate your look.
  • Choosing clever prints in neutral tones will create balance in the figure; the key is to use the print to draw attention to an area of your body you want to show off i.e. if you’ve got great legs, wear printed trousers.
  • Layering using textures such as a silk blouse and cashmere coatigan provides a luxe look whilst still feeling current.
The key to selecting the most flattering neutral for you is learning more about your skin tone.
Nude shoes are a great way to work neutrals into your wardrobe. They are an excellent first step if neutrals are new territory and they will go with everything. Choose a nude shoe which is aligned with your current lifestyle. Neutral handbags aren’t only trans seasonal, they also stand the test of time. Selecting a handbag that serves your lifestyle is key. Some of my favourite go to brands to neutral handbags include Carvela, Coach or Mulberry.
Neutrals are far from boring and when you really get creative, you can create some outstanding outfits.

Yours in style


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