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Image is everything

Image is not just about how you look, it's about how you feel

We are constantly sending on silent messages about who we are.  I want to ensure that when you show up, the world is in no doubt. Image is everything.  It gets hand in hand with confidence, self-worth, visibility and potential.  We are going to unleash every one of those as we begin a beautiful journey of self-discovery. The EVOLVE by Samara Image Consultancy is for those clients who are ready to invest in themselves and take their image to the next level.

Explore confidence levels including body confidence. In partnership, we will explore your current lifestyle needs including professional and personal life. I will help you to reframe negative body image; showing you how to showcase your assets using clever lines, cuts, fabrics and textures that you will love. I will help you to understand why some garments just don’t fit your signature style. I will show you how individual you really are.

I’m constantly out on the field so I can give you a full rundown of all of the best brands to shop for your new look.  Call me an encyclopaedia of style; there isn’t a brand I don’t know.  I can give you style ideas, brand sizing, and fabric recommendations with confidence. Finally, You’ll receive branded notebook to jot down all of your ideas and keep to hand as your image begins to evolve.

Designed just for you

It's time to explore your indivduality

Evolve by Samara

The Image Consultancy process begins by setting your image goals, where you are now and what you would like to achieve by the end of the process. We will discuss the psychology behind how you dress and carry out a brief assessment of your signature style, identifying areas of your signature style that are important to you.

During this journey we will look at your relationship with print pattern and texture, identifying the best scale to choose to flatter your natural proportions. I will also carry out a full-colour profile which will help us identify your power colours and more importantly how to create winning colour combinations that reflect your personality whilst remaining aligned with your current lifestyle.  

You will be given personal style recommendations; from your most flattering neckline to whether or not you should tuck a shirt in, your best knitwear, which rise of jean looks good, should you choose straight or wide-leg trousers, which skirts and dress styles work best, footwear for your current lifestyle.  Personal styling recommendations are based on many factors including personality traits.  I look at you through my stylist lens and tell you instantly what you need.  

“Some call what I do magic, I  call it the best world-class training money can buy!”

Let's not forget accessories

"A woman makes an outfit her own with accessories." Oscar de la Renta

Suggestions for accessories including scarves (should you wear them, if so how to tie them or if they should be retired once and for all), handbags that will compliment your figure and serve your current lifestyle needs as well as expressing your individuality, inspiring footwear recommendations to help elevate your confidence whilst remaining in keeping with your lifestyle needs and signature style requirements.

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