Image Consultancy

Image consultancy is a professional service by Evolve by Samara that focus aims to improve the image of our client personally or professionally through appearance, clothing, and accessories that get them ready for the next step in their personal styling journey.

Please don’t shoot the messenger, but research shows that women who wear makeup are paid more, respected more and promoted more. All personal styling clients are interested in looking their best, and many are seeking individually tailored non-biased makeup advice. They fear to look overly ‘made up’ and a makeup routine that takes the time they just don’t have to spare in the morning. We know that what you want is an everyday, quick, natural makeup, with knowledge of how to ‘add more’ if they need to for an evening out or a special event.

Face Shape Analysis

At EVOLVE by Samara, we understand that facial impact is as important as style impact. After all, our face is the very first feature that people see.

During our session, we will work on a number of principles including examining face shapes and creating balance in the facial proportions.

We will look at facial scales, which is particularly important when choosing new glasses or sunglasses and jewellery.

We will make professional recommendations on hairstyles, necklines, jacket lapels, scarves and hats.

We will make professional recommendations on hairstyles, necklines, jacket lapels, jewellery, scarves, glasses and sunglasses and hats.

A beautifully ‘dressed’ face will undoubtedly raise your confidence to new levels.

Evolve by Samara specialises in everyday, natural business makes up, to enhance your features and teach you to make the best of what you’ve got, in the smallest amount of time! You will learn how to make the most of the makeup you may already own, learn which products are best for you, and get advice on what new products and brushes to buy.

“Samara was great because she took me back to the beginning, and helped me with everything from moisturiser, through everyday makeup, up to fun eyeshadow looks for parties. I learnt so much & got tips on which brands to buy for different types of makeup. More than anything Samara gave me the confidence to trust my own judgement”

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Make Up Recommendations

Colour is everything when it comes to make-up.

Finding the right colours to flatter your skin tone, the right tones to make your eyes pop and the right shades to enhance the lips is key to having confidence in your make up.

Using the right shades and tones in areas of your make up can also mean that you are enhancing your natural characteristics and maximising your facial impact.

EVOLVE by Samara understands that makeup is very personal.

In 2019, Samara decided to train with renowned Oonagh Boman School of Make-Up to offer her clients this additional bespoke service which is often a follow on service from the colour analysis or face shape analysis.

As part of the image consultancy package, Samara will show you the most flattering colourways to enhance your natural features, she will make recommendations for foundations, eye colours, blusher, brows, lashes and lip colour and offer you industry tips to showcase your natural beauty.

Samara will also show you key pieces in your current makeup bag and make recommendations for future make up shopping.