Personal Branding

Personal Branding matters more than you think

Your personal brand enters the room before you do...take a second and let that sink in

Before you utter a single word, impressions are generated through a range of visual clues.  This leaves you with two choices; you can leave your personal brand to chance, or you can take full command of it by understanding how to align it with your personality and signature style in a way that allows you to show up in the world as the most authentic version of you. It may not be something you’ve ever considered before.  But your personal brand matters more than you think.
Starting from a place of authenticity

It's time to explore your core values and take control of silent messages

In recent years, I have been helping more and more clients build meaningful personal brands from a place of authenticity.  There is so much power when you embrace the real you.  When you realise that there is no one else quite like you in this world, you can use this to your full advantage. Personal style is an excellent way to convey this message effectively.  
There is so much power in the clothes you are wearing right now.  Choosing clothes that are aligned with your personal brand will impact your confidence levels and make you more visible. 
Even subtle nods towards your personal style such as a beautiful handbag that feels “like you” or a silk scarf in your power colour can help you communicate in a memorable way, leaving lasting impressions on those around you whether it be in the board room or at the school gate.

Prada once said, “What you wear is how you present yourself to the world.”

Build a Personal Brand you can be proud of

This is one area of your personal development that you can’t afford not to pay attention to

I will help you to build and nurture your unique personal brand during a half-day workshop in luxurious surroundings in a town or city near you.  Together, we will explore your core values, take control of silent messages and style you in a way that expresses exactly who you are to the world which will pay dividends when it comes to your credibility and reputation.  
EVOLVE’s unique approach to personal branding is a fun and effective way to help you to stand out from the crowd; whether you are building your client base, have your sights set on promotion or are simply reinventing yourself for a return to the office.  You will receive an interactive workbook packed full of exercises we will complete together as well as a collection of industry hints and tips to help you continue to build upon your personal brand long after our session ends.  
Half-day sessions include refreshments.  Corporate rates are available upon request
It's time to take action

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