Personal Shopping Sessions

Reframe your thoughts and feelings on shopping

Remove the burden of worrying about what to invest with my personal shopping service.

Experience has taught me a sensational outfit needs good foundations, so I will start the session by sourcing quality, properly fitted, comfortable shaping undergarments. Accompanied by me as your expert stylist, you will visit a range of shops and local boutiques to curate the perfect wardrobe to compliment your personal style and lifestyle needs. I will share tips, insights and styling advice to make the most of your new pieces and perfectly integrate them into your existing wardrobe.

I will have you in mind when I’m is out in the field seeking inspiration. I will carry out professional research, carefully selecting key pieces I know you will love. Then, I will present them to you as complete outfits and educate you in various ways to style them for maximum impact. 

As a passionate expert in trans seasonal dressing, I will help you effortlessly manage key wardrobe pieces for maximum wear all year round. With a real passion for fashion and a dedicated professional approach, I pride myself on being one step ahead of the style game so my clients enjoy the most rewarding results.  I have built excellent relationships with a wonderful bank of boutiques and high street retailers and have arranged an exclusive discount for many of my regular clients.

Occasional shopping

Remove the stress of finding the perfect out for your special event.


Perhaps you have a wedding, formal, presentation, job interview or other significant event marked in the calendar, and instead of looking forward to it, you are stressing about what you are going to wear.

I can help you create an incredible outfit that makes you look and feel sensational on your important day. With my expert advice and support, from selecting the outfit, to underwear recommendations, fitting appointments to styling the finished look with accessories, you will walk tall with confidence and garner compliments for your showstopping look.

At home service

As an expert and well renowned personal shopper, I have great pleasure in bringing to you this exclusive service.  I handpick pieces that you will cherish, that will perfectly complement your current lifestyle and will work hard in your wardrobe. 

These pieces will be delivered to your home where we will work through a number of outfits, professional style advice. I will return any pieces you don’t want to keep.

Sourcing Service

Aligning clients with brands I know they will love.

This works best as a follow on from the image consultancy.  You will provide me with a brief and budget,  I then carry out all necessary research ahead of our session to create a strategic plan for the day. On the day of our appointment, I will have the garments pulled and on rails for your arrival,  putting clothes into multiple outfits to demonstrate their versatility.   This can also be carried out virtually. I always offer a number of alternatives and you’ll often find a ‘wild card’ amongst the virtual rails.  As an expert, I align clients with brands I know he/she will love.  

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