Personal Styling

Every single one of us has a unique personal style preference – the look that you feel most comfortable with, the look that reflects your taste, lifestyle and personality.

This session encourages you to look within and truly own the look that you feel best reflects you. It’s all about harnessing our preference, understanding where it has come from and building upon our confidence when choosing our outfits and later, successfully shopping for them.

Become a more successful daily dresser and a more confident shopper.

Did you know that your style preference is influenced during our formative years, during the ages of 2 and 6? During the session, Evolve by Samara will ask you to reflect upon your personal style preference.

Benefits & Results you will achieve from a Personal Styling session:

  1. Your own personal style. The shapes that flatter your body, affordable styles that capture your personality. After all, none of us is supermodels and we all have a clothes budget.
  2. You’ll learn the language of clothes – the confident ability to express your individuality and send the right messages through a range of styles and looks.
  3. Creating a capsule wardrobe. Effortless style, fewer clothes. Getting dressed in the morning will be a joy.
  4. How to spend wisely. Never again will you waste money on that ill-advised “bargain”.
  5. The secrets of buying and wearing accessories. Using key pieces to make a style statement that’s entirely your own.

Prior to the session, you will be sent a questionnaire which will help us determine the style choices that are perfect and unique to you. What you will leave with will be a true understanding of your style preference, what suits you, an understanding of garments and fabrics that will flatter your body shape.  No more confusion, making you a more successful daily dresser and a more confident shopper.

Did you know that you only have 7 seconds to make a good first impression?

Make an impression that will last forever by owning your style preference!

There is so much psychology behind how we dress, the colours and style of clothes that we are emotionally attached to and detached from. We all have items in our wardrobe that we never wear.  Often that’s because they don’t ‘feel right’ for our style.