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With a fully integrated approach to my clients’ style needs, I offer bespoke, gold-standard sartorial solutions. As your expert and stylist, your style evolution will start with an initial, personal consultation. I will discuss your true intentions for change, what you hope to achieve and your time and budget commitments. Depending on the professional style solutions required, I will create a tailored package to match your individual needs. 

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Your personal style encompasses everything your wear. That includes accessories like bags, footwear, jewellery, undergarments and even your glasses. However, it goes much deeper, our Image Consultancy sessions will also focus on understanding your current Self Image and what your aspirations for the future are.  I will use my expertise to inspire every aspect of your personal presentation and ensure all elements work in concert for an impressive overall impact.

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Your sense of style instantly announces who you are to the world. It’s fundamental to how you feel about yourself and how others perceive you. I will identify and develop your signature look with your individual style at the core of my program. During your personal styling session, I will examine every aspect of your authentic self and show you how to express it through your personal and professional wardrobe. Based on your body shape and desired goals, I will explore and share exceptional styling and brand recommendations based on your lifestyle needs.

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What you wear in the workplace significantly impacts how others evaluate you and how you feel about yourself. I will work with executive individuals and teams to develop a professional image that aligns comfortably and respectfully with corporate identity. Whether you are launching a business, returning to the office after a life event, being promoted to a more senior position, or you want to become more visible for promotion, I will develop a personal style program to build your confidence and get you noticed. I will also work with corporate groups and companies to create and educate on an appropriate dress code for all employees. In addition, I will generate style guidelines and provide inspiration to promote team cohesion and impress clients.

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Colour is a powerful tool. When used correctly, it will become your secret weapon. Despite the colourful world we live in, many people fear stepping beyond the confines of their monochrome wardrobe. They don’t have the confidence to effectively put colours together in clever combinations to express who they really are. As a result, they cannot harness the power of colour and use it to their professional and personal advantage. That’s why so many people retreat to dull blacks and greys to blend in and ultimately become invisible. But with expert insight into the psychology of colour, its power can be harnessed to send out powerful messages about your personality.

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Professional corporate styling is an invaluable investment. Combining my talent and experience in image consultancy and styling, I will work with you to craft a compelling and impactful personal brand. I will carefully identify what you are trying to say about yourself and then match your outward presentation to your expectations by really listening. My expertise removes your burden of worry about your personal presentation. I will educate you on how to shop and wear clothes in a conscious way to achieve your desired effect both professionally and socially. Your new presentation will be consistent and complementary to amplify your personal brand. In addition, I will explore your career goals and core values to customise an authentic style to project confidence and visibility. 

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A truly liberating experience, an expert wardrobe edit will set your style free. I will identify your personal style and your current lifestyle needs through the stylist’s lens. I will create successful outfits from your existing collection by introducing fresh, new combinations only visible to the trained stylist’s eye. The wardrobe edit will streamline your collection as I retire items that no longer serve you or your current lifestyle. You will be left with colours, styles, and shapes that make you feel like the individual you genuinely are, someone who is making an impression on the world. It will also open a fantastic opportunity to identify any gaps that exist in your current wardrobe and create a wish helpful list for future shopping trips. Your wardrobe should be regularly refreshed, ideally every three months, to reflect the changing seasons and style trends. My regular expert edits will reward you with a range of outfits that are easy to select, enjoyable to wear and reflect your true personality.

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I will reframe your thoughts and feelings on shopping and remove the burden of worrying about what to invest in for effect and value. Experience has taught me a sensational outfit needs good foundations, so I will start the session by sourcing quality, properly fitted, comfortable shaping undergarments. Accompanied by me as your expert stylist, you will visit a range of shops and local boutiques to curate the perfect wardrobe to compliment your personal style and lifestyle needs. I will share tips, insights and styling advice to make the most of your new pieces and perfectly integrate them into your existing wardrobe. I will have you in mind when I’m is out in the field seeking inspiration. I will carry out professional research, carefully selecting key pieces I know you will love. Then, I will present them to you as complete outfits and educate you in various ways to style them for maximum impact. As a passionate expert in trans-seasonal dressing, I will help you effortlessly manage key wardrobe pieces for maximum wear all year round. With a real passion for fashion and a dedicated professional approach, I pride myself on being one step ahead of the style game so my clients enjoy the most rewarding results.

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