You will have already noticed how specific colours leave you looking tired and even washed out.

You will have already noticed how specific colours leave you looking tired and even washed out. While others really illuminate the skin tone and make you look and feel sensational. That’s because colours are subconsciously powerful when it comes to projecting emotions, personality strengths and self-image.

When you get it right, some colours will bring out the natural beauty of your eyes, skin tone, and hair. Others will draw tone and glow away from your natural characteristics when you get it wrong. Selecting the right colours, shades and tones to enhance your best features can be difficult if you try to go it alone.  This is where you will really benefit from expert guidance.

There is a myriad of options in hues, tones and brightness from vibrant to muted. Each combination will behave differently according to your unique complexion.

An accurate colour profile will help you understand what compliments your natural characteristics and showcases your personality.

Colour conveys confidence, and it can give you a real presence when you master it. Likewise, it can send out subtle signals about your personality. But it can also do the reverse.

I will inspire you with neutral colours, key colours and accent colours. I’ll leave you in no doubt your new colour palette will not only increase your confidence levels but will enhance your self-image.

You like the idea of being an individual, but you are too afraid to stand out, so wearing dark or muted colours will help you blend in. But there is a whole world of colour out there, just waiting to be discovered.

Unfortunately, it is easy to get stuck in a colour rut. You can feel disenchanted, unengaging and dull.
Very few realise the psychology behind colour or realise that colour can be an excellent way to express who you really are to the world. My bespoke colour profiling sessions are tailor-made to incorporate your personality, compliment your current lifestyle and elevate your self-image to heights you have never before thought possible. Imagine if I told you that a world of possibilities lies ahead when you know your best colours and understand how to effectively put them together using clever colour combinations. During our colour profiling session, I will show you a wide range of colours and how to create exciting combinations using colours you’d never dream of putting together.
When you understand your bespoke colour palette, a whole new world of possibilities will open up.

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